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Alchemy Trades v4

  1. Join Our Discord
  2. Download the latest version from our website: (note, the download section does not appear on the mobile version of our website)
  3. Unzip the file you just downloaded
  4. Most likely you downloaded the file to your downloads folder, and when you unzipped it, it created a new folder there. That is a perfectly good place to run Alchemy Trades. However, if you want to move the files, please be aware that Windows does not like it when you put the files somewhere outside of your user profile. When in double, Documents, Desktop, or Downloads are all good places.
  5. Double click the alchmeyTrades.exe. This will launch Alchemy Trades and it will build out the folders and files you need. It will then open up a tab in your web browser, by default the URL will be “http://localhost:5000”
  6. You can return to this webpage anytime that Alchemy Trades is running. This is the webUI dashboard.

Alchemy Trades v3

  1. Join Our Discord
  2. Ask where v3 is currently available.

Please not that v3 is going away. It will be phased out by v4 over time. However, it is available to Alchemists at this time.