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Telegram Setup


Configure Telegram Notifications

Alchemy Trades can notify you with the following events, via Telegram. - Alchemy Trades Starts - Conducts a Trade (buy/sell) - Grid updates

To set this up you will need the Telegram app.

  1. Open Telegram app
  2. click on "Contacts"
  3. type in "@userinfobot" (careful there are a few that look similar)
  4. Click "Start"
  5. The Bot will message you your info including your "ID". 10 digit number
  6. Copy this 10 digit ID number
  7. Within Alchemy Trades, go to Settings, Telegram
  8. Enable Telegram Updates
  9. Add the 10 digit ID number to Telegram ID
  10. Enable Telegram Buy/Sells Updates
  11. Hit the Update button
  12. Go back to Telegram, click on "Contacts"
  13. type in "AlchemyTradesBot"
  14. Click "Start", this will establish the chat session, and will be where you get alerts.