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During Install

Windows Detects Malware

If you download Alchemy Trades and Windows blocks the download OR deletes the bot.exe file, it is because Windows falsely detects it as malware. This is a pretty common issue with custom applications, and there is not a clear cut way to avoid it on all systems.

However, if this is happening on your computer you can do the following to allow it.

  1. Open Windows Security
  2. Select “Virus & threat protection”
  3. Select “Manage Settings” under “Virus & threat protection settings”
  4. Temporarily disable “Real-time protection”
  5. Download the file again, if it was blocked, and extract it wherever you want to keep it.
  6. Within “Virus & threat protection settings” select “Add or remove exclusions” under Exclusions
  7. Select “Add an exclusion”
  8. Browse to where you have unzipped bot.exe and select it.
  9. Use the back arrow to return to “Virus & threat protection settings” and re-enabled “Real-time protection”


None of your settings seem to stay

You add your wallet and your tokens you trade successfully and close out, and the next time you open up Alchemy Trades all your saved settings are missing.

The most common cause for this is either: 1. You didnt unzip the download, but double clicked it, and then ran Alchemy Trades from the zip file (Windows allows this) OR 2. You saved Alchemy Trades in a location that you do not have the proper permissions for. To avoid this, its a good idea to save Alchemy Trades to one of the following: Downloads, Documents, or Desktop.

License invalid

You can only have Alchemy Trades running on one machine at a time, per license. However, there are times where you might get the error that the license is invalid. This can happen if the system is virtual and you restarted. It can also happen if you are doing a fresh install and paste in the license key and there are spaces at the end. You if you checked to see if there were spaces and that didnt solve the issue, OR You want to move Alchemy Trades to a new system, open a ticket in our discord for a license reset. Takes only moments for use to do this for you.

Price Chart is bouncing

This is a small graphic bug, where its trying to track the price of both tokens in the pair. This, while annoying, doesnt affect your trades. We will get it fixed ASAP.


If you are having issues, the first thing you will want to check is your wallet TX's on the various scan sites (bscscan, polygonscan, snowtrace, etc).

If you see TX's with errors, click on them and look for the error itself, under Status.

Here is a list of common blockchain errors and what they most likely mean.

  • Insufficient Output Amount: The amount of tokens you would have received from the trade was less than your slippage allows. This means either the price is moving so fast that you should increase your slippage OR it can also mean your slippage protected you from getting less than you wanted.
  • Transfer Helper Failed: Most of the time this means that one of the coins you are trying to trade is not Approved.
  • Fail: Most of the time this error is the result of not having enough for gas.


If none of this helps and you still have a question, please feel free to open a ticket in our discord. We are very responsive, and our resolution time is quick!